Andy is your personal Tax Accountant that utilizes cutting-edge research in Artificial Intelligence to learn tax laws so you don’t have to. Using Andy is like having a CPA in your pocket that recommends tax strategies and automatically prepares tax forms on your behalf.


Unlike traditional tax services, Andy's with you every day of the year, providing practical tax solutions to your day-to-day financial issues. Andy connects to your financial accounts and automatically identifies deductions for you in real-time.


According to a General Accounting Office (GAO) study, taxpayers overpay an average of $438 per person. Andy identifies missed deductions on previously filed tax returns and files amended returns to get you refunds.


Andy analyzes your income and expenses throughout the year and recommends tax planning strategies to reduce your tax liability. How much in tax savings will you get from buying a house? How much in tax savings will you get from an IRA contribution? Andy will let you know.

Securely + Privately

Security is built into the DNA of Andy. Andy uses data encryption to protect you and guard against unauthorized access to your personal or financial information. Your financial information is encrypted, stored and protected on secure servers.

Get Notified

Andy is launching in 2017. Sign up for early access today and never do your taxes again!